Prof. S. K. Kak Prof. S. K. Kak

India today is going through challenging time, because on the one hand we have a very large population of youth who are capable of contributing to the productivity, growth and development of nation, while on the other hand the problem of providing everyone with high quality education, equipping them with 21st century skills and empowering them with high level of confidence to face the global competition, is enormous.

It is with this background in mind that the importance,relevance and need of Institute of higher education like R.S.M.T. becomes very important. We do not only provide knowledge from books and journal but also encourage and embed real world experiences as structured project for our students to apply that knowledge, tune it and adapt it to the problems at hand.This unique blend of theory with practice in every curriculam is the corner stone of R.S.M.T's professional education and it is also reflected by the response from the employer of our students and the kind of jobs our students have got.

While the employment scenario in the country is tough, the opportunity is equally great because it gives us challenge to reinvent our whole approach to educating the youth of today for the world of tomorrow. It encourages us to empower and encourage them to chisel themselves in to well polished and professionally competent individuals who are willing to go beyond the call of now to forge a new future for themselves and the nation through innovative and originality in their thinking and action.

I wish all the students, faculty and alumni great success and bright future.

Prof. S. K. Kak
Chairman (R.S.M.T.)