Prof. S. K. Kak Dr. D B Singh

Rajarshi School of Management and Technology (RSMT) was started in 1999 with a view to serve the societal needs through its professional education in the field of Management and IT. Keeping in view the growing needs of the industry two post graduate courses viz MBA and MCA were started in 1999. Similarly two undergraduate courses BBA and BCA were started in the year 2000.

The management and IT education play an essential role in today's dynamic economic environment. The rapid trend of globalization and technological changes have made difficult for organizations to survive in the competitive world. As a result the importance of professional education especially in the aforementioned sectors has been increased many folds.

This has required introducing various changes such as closer interaction among industry, students and faculty. It is clear that management and IT education will emerge as one of the main distinct of higher learning, due to its growing demand. In RSMT we have strong focus on research to solve problems of enduring importance and to build such potential that can actually prepare students to be effective in practicing the profession.

1. Quality Faculty - In RSMT we have strong focus on quality faculty. We have recruited quality and well qualified faculty members to train our students on professional lines.

2. Emphasis on Research - We have adequate focus on Research. We engage our students and faculty in active research so that they explore new vistas of knowledge.

3. Creation of Better Opportunities - Our continuous and consistent endeavour and efforts in the area of placement has brought best opportunities for our students and it is a matter of pride that our students are working in leading Corporate Groups and MNCs

4. Global Mindset - We have a global mindset in every aspect. We train our students in such a way that they may adopt the global challenges in smooth manner.

We at RSMT believe that discipline and Indian values are the core factors for education. We emphasize on discipline and don't compromise on the matters of indiscipline. Apart from the teaching traditional subjects in the class rooms, we involve our students in various events / activities so that they learn professionalism while doing. The concept of Leadership, Co-ordination, Communication, Budgeting and Controlling then becomes an easy concept for the students.

But the determination and willingness to learn must come from the student. We welcome all the prospective students on our campus for opening a new door of learning. We do believe in the following saying:

"The pace of success depends on the intensity of our desire."

Dr. D B Singh