Academic Facilities

RSMT values its academic resources, among them its computer labs, conference/seminar halls, library and study spaces strengthen collaborative teaching and learning—they are an investment in our future.

Computer Lab

Rajarshi School of Management and Technology, RSMT, is a Wi-Fi powered campus. Its students are provided with sophisticated, well equipped, fully air-conditioned, state of the art computer laboratories with more than 150 HP Core 2 Duo Intel based processors, a spacious server room and 4 large labs. Students are trained in various programming languages such as C++, Java, .Net under expert technical guidance of RSMT faculty. Classroom training is enriched through hands-on experience on equipment such as networking accessories and computer hardware. L.C.D. projectors are used by both students and faculty for presentation of projects and group discussions.


The school has a well stocked library with over 12,000 books on management and computers. In addition Udai Pratap College has a Central Library in which more than ten thousands books on management and related subjects are available, which are also available for the students of RSMT. It has a separate reading room where students can refer to books, magazines, journals, etc. The library subscribes to various management and computer journals besides regular subscription to almost all the leading business, current affairs and computer related magazines and newspapers. In addition to access to the books and journal and the RSMT Library and Material Cell caters to the needs of preparations and distribution of specific materials relating to most of the courses. The library, with its intellectual environment is the right place for those engaged in intellectual pursuits.

Seminar Halls

All the seminar halls are air conditioned and are equipped with Audio Video systems. The seminar halls are regularly used for class interaction meetings, national and international conferences, teacher and student training programmes.

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