Chairman's Message

Prof. N. K. Singh
Chairman/Honorary Director RSMT
Professor N. K. Singh, Management Guru, has taught and worked in India and many other countries. He has headed many institutions in government and education: International Airport Authority of India, National Shipping Board, AIMA, MDI and FORE. He has published extensively in the field of Management. As an institution builder he is the founder of large number of social and professional institutions, including an NGO working in Delhi's largest slum. He has done consultancy and research with UNDP in Africa, Asia and North America. He is well known for literary skills, including poetry, drawings and paintings. Major awards won: International Meridian Gold Award, 1987; National & Intellectual Honor, 1996.

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Interdependence in competitive edge...

Creative enhancement in downsizing...

A vision of East West education is represented in this center for management and technology located in Varanasi, the spiritual and cultural centre of India. Rajarshi School of Management and Technology (RSMT) offers cutting edge contemporary skills imbued with values of the Indo-Gangetic plain, where the sacred river has been an icon of Indian civilization for eons.
Discarding the old practice of preparing young minds only for obtaining degrees, we are committed to develop the multidimensional personality and outlook of students. Special courses on personality development and communication as well as a unique course, Cross Cultural Management are taught. We want our students to face the globalized workplace with awareness of latest technology with international outlook. We have signed an MOU with Washington State University to enhance global contact and communication.
Managers of tomorrow, we believe will not only be equipped with knowledge and skills of management but also be spiritually aware to tap into the rich heritage of our nation. I welcome all young men and women dedicated to the mission of development and growth to join RSMT and participate in the evolution of the global family of our future.