Guest Lectures

…Experiencing this unity is not possible without experience of its diversity

To give students an insight into industry, experts from the field are invited to conduct lectures at RSMT and share their experiences. Guest lectures at RSMT after 2012 monsoon are listed below:

In August 2012 Shri S. K Mallick, Director Airport Authority of India, took a session on 'Cross Cultural Pattern of Aviation Industry' and how its work culture can benefit the student's career trajectory.

A lecture on 'IT Industry Academic Interface' by Mr. Subhash C. Yadav in November 2012 focused on key areas of IT sector to bring students on par with industry standards.

In January 2013 Prof. Uma Jayaram from Washington State University addressed RSMT students on 'Technology for Managers', focusing on how latest technological advances can increase the quality and profitability of a company.

Prof. L.S. Thakur, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM), University of Connecticut, USA in February 2013 spoke on 'Advance Manufacturing and its Level' how latest design technology & time management help enhance overall profitability of enterprises.

A guest lecture was held in April 2013 by Prof. S.K. Kak, Vice-Chancellor, Mahamaya Technical University, Noide.

Prof. Madhu Vij, FMS, Delhi University, gave a guest lecture in October 2013 on the topic of 'Credit Rating Agencies'.