Current Year Placement

1 DHARMENDRA SINGH Qual: BJMC , 61% Summer int.- Sales Promotion at Outlook Name of org.- Outlook Publishing India JARO EDUCATION 6.60LPA
2 ANURAG KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Qual- B.Sc (Bio), 67% SIP Topic- Analysis of Online Sales Strategy in Print Media Industry:A case study of outllok magazine Org- Outlook Publishing India Pvt.Ltd UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
3 RAJIV PANDEY Qual- B.Sc (Math), 56% SIP Topic- Online Sales Tactics used by Outlook Org- - Outlook Publishing India Pvt.Ltd UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
4 ANISH KUMAR SINGH Qual-, 59% SIP Topic- Market Identification study of Ajay Pipes Org- Ajay Pipelines Industry Corp.Ltd. UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
5 NIKHIL KUMAR SINGH Qual- B.A , 55% SIP Topic- Customer Satisfaction level in Canara Bank Org- Canara Bank UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
6 ADITYA SANKAR SINGH Qual- , 60% Topic- Non Performing Asset of RRBs Org- KGSG Bank UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
7 NEHA SINGH Qual- BCA , 74.9% Topic- Analysis of conversation rate optimization through digital marketing at outlook Org- Outlook Publishing India Pvt.Ltd. UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
8 ANKITA SRIVASTAVA Qual- B.A, 50% Topic- Sales Promotion Techniques used by Outlook Magazine Org- Outlook Publishing India UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
9 SWATI SINGH Qual- , Topic- Awareness of Housekeeping Services with special reference to Varanasi city Org- ANS Facility management Services UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
10 GITANJALI SHUKLA Qual- Topic- Credit Appraisal of Punjab & Sind bank Org- Punjab & Sind Bank UTKARSH BANK 1.8LPA
11 ADITI RAJ SINGH Qual- Topic- Consumer base & future aspects of magazine Org- Outlook Publishing India HDFC BANK 4.23LPA
12 MONIKA SINGH Qual- Topic- Online sales strategy of outlook magazine Org- Outlook Publishing India HDFC BANK 4.23LPA
13 SHIVANI SINGH Qual- (Bio) Topic- Customer Satisfaction towards investment in DHFL Org- DHFL Pramerica company ltd. HDFC BANK 4.23LPA
14 SACHIN SINGH Qual. - B.A. Topic - a study on ERP system of helpmate IT service Org - Helpmate IT services India Pvt.Ltd. OPPO MOBILES 2.3LPA
15 SOUMYA RAI Qual. – B.Sc (biology) Topic –A study on reasons for working professional to take up correspondence M.B.A. course at Jaro education Org – Jaro Education,Gurugram OPPO MOBILES 2.3LPA
16 PAWAN KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Qual. – B.C.A. Topic – roles and responsibilities of insurance agent in DHFL Org.- DHFL pramerica insurance company. OPPO MOBILES 2.3LPA
17 AYUSHI SINGH Qual. – B.A. Topic. – a study of absenteeism toward century reyon maharastra. DAINIK JAGRAN 2.00LPA
18 SAPNA SINGH Qual. – B.B.A. Topic.- a study on reason for sales deparment. Org.- Dainik Jagran DAINIK JAGRAN 2.00LPA
19 PRATIK CHAKRABORTY Qual.-, 54% Topic- Customer satisfaction on ICICI pru. Life Insurance Org- ICICI Prudential Life Insurance RADISSON HOTEL 1.8LPA
20 SAUMYA SRIVASTAVA Qual- , 61% Topic- market survey & segmentation Org- Outlook Publishing India RADISSON HOTEL 1.8LPA
21 DINESH TIWARI Qual- BCA , 62% Topic- Equity market Org- Swastika Investmart Varanasi PAYTM 2.00LPA
22 AKANKSHA SINGH Qual.- B.A. Topic.- Online sales tactics used by outlook magazines. Org.- outlook publishing india Pvt. Ltd. JAL VAYU ENVIRO. 1.8LPA
23 SHAILJA SINGH Qual. – ..72% Topic – maruti Suzuki AGR customer satisfaction. Org. – Maruti Suzuki AGR. STAR INDIA RESEARCH PVT.LTD. 1.8LPA
24 SHRADDHA JAISWAL Qual.- Topic – sales department Org. – outlook publishing STAR INDIA RESEARCH PVT.LTD. 1.8LPA
25 ANUSHKA MISHRA Qual.- B.B.A… 64% Topic.- sales deparment Org.- outlook publishing india. STAR INDIA RESEARCH PVT.LTD. 1.8LPA
26 CHETNA PRIYA Qual.- B.C.A. 64% Topic.- sales promotion technique used by outlook Org.- outlook india pvt. Ltd. STAR INDIA RESEARCH PVT.LTD. 1.8LPA
27 DEEPIKA SINGH Qual.- B.A. 72% Topic.- financial inclusion and it’s implementation . Org.- KGSG bank STAR INDIA RESEARCH PVT.LTD. 1.8LPA
28 MANISH KUMAR DUBEY Qual.- B.A. .. 51% Topic – customer satisfaction at swastika invest mart Org.- swastika invest mart STAR INDIA RESEARCH PVT.LTD. 1.8LPA
29 GOLDEN MISHRA Qual.-…. 62% Topic.- sales and distribution channel of M.P. birla samrat cement Org.- M.P. birla samrat cement NILGIRI INFRA 2.00LPA
30 HARI NARAYAN PANDEY Qual. – 54.5% Topic.- brand loyalty of ICICI life insurance Org.- ICICI pru. Life insurance ICICI PRU. 2.00LPA
31 PREETI GOSWAMI Qual.- …58% Topic. – sales strategy adapted by outlook. Org.- outlook publishing india pvt. Ltd. ICICI PRU. 2.00LPA
32 POOJA SINGH Qual- BBA , 59% Topic- Sales Dept. Org- outlook publishing india ICICI PRU. 2.00LPA
33 ANJALI BHAGAT, 54% Topic- Training & Development in HR Org- KRIBHCO ltd. ICICI PRU. 2.00LPA
34 PRABHAT KUMAR SINGH Qual- , 53% Topic- Sales & Distribution channel of Eco cement Org- Eco cement MAX LIFE INSURANCE 2.00LPA
35 DIPENDRA SINGH Qual- , 51.19% Topic- Developing Business Promotional Strategy & Marketing throught digital media Org- Helpmate IT Services India Pvt. Ltd COCA COLA 2.00LPA
36 DHANANJAY SINGH Qual- BBA, 56% Topic- Study of Brand Awareness of DHFL Pramerica Org- DHFL Pramerica life insurance. DHFL PRAMERICA 2.00LPA