Placement Translate Dreams into Reality

In today's rapidly changing business it has become critical for organizations to continuously change and evolve for success. The rich learning environment and rigorous and comprehensive educational programs at RSMT empower students to become leaders who can facilitate this change. It is for this reason that corporate honchos are eager to visit RSMT campus for recruitment.

The Training and Placement Cell at RSMT takes care of finding appropriate jobs for gradates as well as summer internships for students. Trends in the country and in the world are keenly watched to glean an understanding of emerging trends, within a wider paradigm of understanding how changing factors in one sphere impact other apparently unconnected areas. Projections take into account many levels of consequences. Liaising with industry, the RSMT placement officer matches skills of RSMT students with requirements of organizations to facilitate processing of placements.

Skill Development

The Training and Placement Cell identifies areas such as communication, personality, business etiquette and effective decision making, where students need to improve.

Grooming & Etiquette Training

The importance of personal grooming ,appropriate business dressing & dining etiquette, telephonic & mailing etiquette and skills in general professional conduct are imparted.

Personality Development Program

Regular programs are conducted for students to bring a positive change in their attitude, body language and personality.

Mock Interviews and Group Discussions

Simulated interviews and group discussion are held with panels of experts to help students improve their knowladge of diverse areas and to communicate confidently under pressure of scrutiny.

Summer Training

Internships give students an opportunity to apply learnt techniques and lean about organizational structure and culture. MBA students are required to undergo a summer internship of 6-8 weeks. MCA students undertake 6 months technical internship in the domain of their specialization.

Pre Placement Talk

RSMT provides support to facilitate interaction between industry and students through prior matching of job requirements with the special aptitude of each applicant.