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Rajarshi School of Management & Technology is a leading technology institute offering under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in Computer Application and Management.
Globally there is a turning towards India for guidance with the realization that a clinically scientific approach even when softened by application of human psychology, falls short of developing fully rounded human beings. Ancient Indian education methodologies nurtured each individual holistically simultaneously addressing aspects that can be measured, those that can be surmised, and intangibles that exist beyond the measureable. RSMT approach reflects this tradition, constantly striving for goals that surpass the predictable and logically achievable. This approach guarantees fruition of the highest potential of each student and faculty member.

Ideally located in Varanasi, the City of Light, which for millennia has been the center of intellectual excellence, RSMT aims to integrate this eternal brilliance into modern Management and Technology Education.

A non-profit institution, RSMT reinvests its surplus to constantly upgrade infrastructure and facilities to promote an environment of learning.

From the eternal flame, RSMT serves to ignite hundreds of diyas to illumine organizations around the world.

RSMT has been rated as 'A' category business school by All India Management Association (AIMA).

100% Placements-Despite the economic recession and paucity of new positions, RSMT has maintained a tradition of 100% placement in prestigious companies across sectors.

Moderate Fee Structure- Being a non-profit institution, RSMT is able to bring quality higher education to bright aspiring students who may otherwise remain marginalized. For all courses offered, RSMT maintains a modest fee structure. Economic support is provided to needy meritorious students.

RSMT serves school graduates from surrounding towns and villages by an intensive Career Counseling program conducted on campus each year. This helps students to enhance awareness, both of their own aptitude and potential, as well as new trends in industry and changing career options.

Strategically Located in the Cultural and Educational Hub of India-

Established in 1999 in one of the oldest centers of civilization in the word: Sarnath, the epicenter of the Buddhist philosophy, and Varanasi, the cultural and spiritual capital of India, Rajarshi School of Management & Technology provides unique curriculum to its students which includes an extensive study of Cross-Cultural Management not found elsewhere in the region.

Lush Green Campus- RSMT, located in a picturesque, serene campus 13 kilometers from the international airport at Varanasi, provides a salubrious environment to step away from the mundane world to imbibe, introspect, and to learn.

East meets West- RSMT has recently acquires affiliation with Washington State University, USA for student & faculty exchange programmer/ joint research and academic interface through mutual cooperation & knowledge sharing.

International Platform for Learning – RSMT has begun forging links with the Far East. In 2013, RSMT was invited to present Indian perspectives on Management at 3 universities in China including Beijing University.

Publication- Aatmbodh, the journal of RSMT, offers thought provoking and insightful articles in the areas of Management and Computers. The well-researched papers of high quality in this publication have made Aatmbodh sought by increasing numbers from the corporate and academic worlds.