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Certificate distribution ceremony by CENTUM

Feb 07, 2024 ( News )

The Certificate Distribution Ceremony, jointly organized by CENTUM Foundation and sponsored by Accenture, held at RSMT on January 2, 2024, was a momentous occasion celebrating the academic achievements and hard work of students. With a focus on recognizing excellence and encouraging continuous learning, the ceremony honored participants who successfully completed various skill development programs and courses offered by CENTUM Foundation. Accenture's sponsorship added prestige to the event, highlighting the importance of industry-academia collaborations in fostering talent and nurturing future leaders.

Distinguished guests from both organizations graced the occasion, inspiring students with their words of wisdom and encouragement. The ceremony featured speeches, presentations, and testimonials, shedding light on the significance of skill enhancement in today's competitive landscape. As certificates were awarded to deserving recipients, a sense of pride and accomplishment filled the air, motivating individuals to pursue further growth and excellence in their respective fields.

The event served as a platform for networking and collaboration, bringing together students, faculty members, industry professionals, and representatives from CENTUM Foundation and Accenture. Through this synergy, attendees gained valuable insights, expanded their horizons, and explored opportunities for personal and professional development.

Overall, the Certificate Distribution Ceremony was a resounding success, symbolizing the spirit of achievement, collaboration, and innovation that defines RSMT and its commitment to nurturing talent and driving positive change in society.

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